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posted this on July 24, 2012 06:39

Enabling Jot Touch in Sketch Club

  1. Go to your iPad settings menu


 2. Select Sketch Club in the 'Settings" menu

 3. Turn Jot Touch Support on


4. If Jot Touch is not connected then you will see an "x" next to the Jot Touch icon.


5. Once Jot Touch is connected you will see a "+" next to the Jot Touch icon. That icon will serve as your access to the Jot Touch settings.
6. Here you can turn off Precision and Pressure Sensitivity. There is also a quick link here to get to the Jot Touch support page.


Pressure Sensitivity Settings
7. Select your brush of choice in the "Brush Menu."
8. Select "Edit"


9. The Velocity settings will allow you to set the appropriate levels for Size and Opacity.


Shortcut Buttons
10. Button one will increase the size of your brush
       Button two will decrease the size of your brush


More help with Sketch Club can be found here.