Android apps which work with the Jot

posted this on November 18, 2011 15:31

The following is a list of Android writing apps which benefit from stylus use, and which work well with the Jot

* Mobisle
* Freenote
* Handwrite
* Tabnotes
* Supernote
* Evernote
* Springpad
* Remember the Milk
* Notes Lite
* Portable OneNote


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Raymond Godwin
i bought the jot pro 2 months ago, after i got my new 8 inches android tablet. it is Hisense WM 8.
i was delighted, thinking that i will easily that notes like using real pen on real paper.
but then it didn't happened like what i thought. the jot pro wasn't working on the tablet.

i tried it to my sister's android phone (samsung), it played very well. in my lenovo android phone, it danced smoothly.
because i bought this jot pro to use it on my Hisense WM 8, i really really disappointed.
February 12, 2014 04:57
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I would recommend FreeNote and Evernote.

March 07, 2013 10:55
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Alex J

What app would be the best for note taking on Android? I want one that uses this stylus for diagrams, and also has the ability to type around the diagrams. 

Thanks :) 

March 06, 2013 16:58
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bill n

is there a preferred jot stylus to use with writing or sketching on andriod?  (don't know much about jot).  thnx

December 07, 2012 06:07
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Dear Georgia,

Here are some Android sketching and drawing apps.

* Sketchbook Pro

* Sketchbook Express

* Markers

* Drawing Pad

* Sketcher

* Scribbler

* Woo: Sketch

* Sketch Free

* Sketch Lover

* Sketch Notes

* Sketch Draw

* Deco Sketch

* My Sketch

* Pencil Sketch

August 11, 2012 14:38
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i want apps that work on android just like they work on ipads... sketching and drawing etc etc thanks

August 11, 2012 06:58
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Jonathan Nguyen

Procreate? I believe the request was for Android Sketch apps that work well with the JOT, not iOS exclusives. Excuse me if it comes across as rude, but judging from the response it seems you did not read the question thoroughly.

August 04, 2012 23:22
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Dear Grégory, this list is here because our customers asked for a list of writing apps which work well with the Jot. There are plenty of sketching and drawing apps which work well with the Jot, including Procreate.

April 27, 2012 17:05
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grégory gonzalez

What about Sketchbook pro?? ( and other sketching apps? )

Don't forget we users don't want to only take notes with a stylus.

April 27, 2012 16:55
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Moshe Eshel

Please see

A new SDK released by Samsung Mobile that might make Jot Studio porting to Android a bit easier.

December 19, 2011 20:51
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Thanks, I've added Portable OneNote. P)

November 21, 2011 10:18
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Jonathan Rawle

Great List. I would add one very important product to the list, though. There is a "portable OneNote" now. Look at -- this company has been filling the breach left in the OneNote PIM fortress built by Microsoft. (Well, given the weak marketing support given by Microsoft to OneNote perhaps the metaphor should be helpful ferryboat provider for your data's journey from desktop to mobile device.) OneNote users have been waiting for an easy way to carry their "Notes" with them on either iOS or Android machinery. Why is Jot involved with this transfer? Desktop OneNote users can use a stylus to enter information on a OneNote page. Of course this is easiest on a Windows tablet. The biggest advantage of this is that all the handwriting is translated to text in the background on the fly, indexed, and *searchable*. So there are a lot of OneNote users. I am one, too, so I know how fascinated people were when they saw me scribble notes in a meeting. I got used to entering useful info directly on a screen by hand. OK -- but everyone else?

Jot will interest many who will find handwriting to be a compelling way to interact with information.

Adonit and the existence of so many tablets of both operating-system persuasions can re-invigorate the handwriting input advance. Back to OneNote: On iOS devices MobileNoter has opened ink editing and creation in their handling of OneNote pages. This is true for pages that already *had* ink and those to which the user chooses to add ink: words, underlining, circling, diagrams, maps, everything! MobleNoter tells us that Android users of OneNote will have ink editing later this month.

So, Adonit, your hardware is one part of the work you do and introducing new compelling uses is the other.


November 18, 2011 22:52